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Method for extra income

In this article i will show you simple method to earn additional money on your website. It’s simple re-selling. If your blog is about SEO for example you can offer SEO services to your visitors, for example backlinks.

Register at SEOclerks - this is huge seo marketplace. You can buy here anything related to SEO - content writing, apps coding, backlinks, software, translating to any language, video testimonials, graphic design, social signals and many more.

Now write a post on your blog offering services related to your niche, create paypal’s order button and wait for orders. In this example - backlinks buyers. If somebody orders service on your website, just go to seoclerks, buy cheaper and provide your customer’s details to seocleks seller. Your price for your visitors will be bigger of course. You can make $2-20 profit from one single sale, because SEOclerks is cheaper than other similar services like fiverr, you can find even $1 gigs there.

Other examples of reselling:

  •  Own website about social media - you can offer facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram likes, shares, views.
  •   Own website for music creators - you can offer soundcloud plays
  •   Own website about app coding - offer android app installs, you can find many gigs offering installs on seoclreks for cheap
  •   Own website about graphic design - offer banners, headers, website design

If you have fiverr account you can list many seo related offers for $5 and if someone buys just go to Seoclerks find the same offer cheaper and provide to your customer. Easy money! Just watch me finding cheaper offers:

Earn even $300+/day passive income

How to earn $300/day passive income?
The answer is simple:
Promote revenue sharing program - Mxrevshare on your blog. What is revenue program?
The way this program work (and pretty much all rev shares) is very simple. You buy one (or many) shares or more correct, ad packs. Then you click on 10 ads every day and wait for your ad packs to mature. When they have matured you have made a profit. Profit is 110% after 55 days. If you want to promote this program you should learn how MXrevshare works first.

 How much people earn on MXRevShare?
 People can, of course, join MXRevShare for free and start earning small money simply by clicking on ads, they will get a half cent per ad you click. But people join this program for other reason. Adpacks! How much they can make with adpacks?
 You ain´t going to be able to earn your first days, it takes some time before the packs mature. When they do most people reinvest their money into buying more and more adpacks.
On MXRevShare, you will get back 110% on whatever amount of money you invest.

The AdPacks
People have 3 different ad pack options to choose from. Below you see how much they cost and how much they will earn you when matured, you can also see how many you are allowed to have at the same time.
  • $1 Packs (Matures at $5,50) (Maximum packs allowed at the same time 100)
  • $25 Packs (Matures at $27,5) (Maximum packs allowed at the same time 500)
  • $50 Packs (Matures at $55) (Maximum packs allowed at the same time unlimited)
Why you should join MXrevshare?

Because of its 3 tier affiliate program. You will earn 10% from 1 tier referrals, and 5% of 2 and 3 tiers. People don't withdraw money after 55 days, they usually reinvest their earned money for more adpacks everyday (because adpack expires after 55days) and you earn passive income everyday. Want to see top investors in MXrevshare?

As you can see, second investor for example has bought 1105 adpacks x $50. He spent over $55000.
And now imagine he is you ref. You would earn $5500 in commisions from one single ref! And now imagine you have 10 active refs that spend their money on adpacks and bring another refs to MXrevshare. You can make $300-$600/day easily. You can withdraw to Payza, Solid Trust Pay or Perfect Money, if you don't have any of these e-wallets, you can register in 5 minutes.

So don't wait, REGISTER now, put MXrevshare banners on your blog/website or write article about this rev share program. It will cost you max 60 minutes of work, but if you have good traffic on your website you can earn a lot on autopilot.

Make you website go viral

How to make your website go viral?

Many of webmasters complain because of low amount of targeted traffic on their websites. In this article i will show you my method to get more visitors.
If you are sharing something interesting on your page it can go viral. But how to start the snowball rolling? This is main problem - initial boost for your website. I recommend you very useful online tool - Socialmaximizer

Social Bookmarking has become one of the most important methods to getting traffic to your site. In Social Bookmarking, they bookmark your site with 116 bookmarking sites including all the major bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. Once submitted, these bookmarks can be viewed and shared by others.
You can submit a particular web page, article or blog post from your domain to the various social bookmarking sites. As more and more people view & share your bookmark, your site gets increased exposure and traffic.
After submitting a website or post traffic increases in no time, every interesting content goes viral, just take a look on my blog’s stats:


Get more traffic and earn

So, i recently started using Plugz.co on some of my websites and i'm very impressed with the results. It's much better than adsense, bacause you additionally recieve traffic! The way the ad network works is by placing related ads (widget)  on your website and in exchange you supply them with plugs to your website. These ads placed on your sidebar for example looks like related posts (you can fully customize your widget). Here is example:

 I’ve only been using it for a week and at first I wasn’t getting much traffic at all but once it was on for a couple of days my traffic has picked up and my other ads on my sites are preforming better too. In one weeks time, I have sent out 1322 visitors to similar sites to mine and I have received back 2283 visitors. 


That’s a 172.69% return on traffic! On top of that my sites have made $1.02 just on the Plugz network. I know that isn’t alot of money, but I’m not using them to make money. I’m just using the network to boost traffic for free! With the wordpress plugin they have in the wordpress plugins section , it’s super easy to start using. 

In fact, you can bet there’s a reason why mainstream media (CNN’s website, The New York Times, etc.) has utilized similar widgets on their respective websites. And you know why? Because these widgets work. When your ads are what people want to see most, they work the best. When your ad is something visitors actually want to see, it almost doesn’t feel like an ad to them.

This plugin works with blogs in any niche. So SIGN UP here, add your website in the dashboard:

Then download PLUGZ plugin and install it on your wordpress blog. If you have non wordpress site, don't worry, you can use html code to install widget. Now go back to pluz.co

NOTE: Remember to create plugs (your ads) to display on other websites. Just choose "Plugs" from left sidebar menu:

Click widget, add picture for thumbnail, write an interesting title, add your keywords and save. Remember to change this option in order to earn from your traffic:

 Now you have your first ad. You can add more and test which picture gets more clicks. Good luck.

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This is must have tool for all youtubers

Almost all youtubers have the same problem after video upload. How to get more views, subscribers , likes and how to make their channel popular. Your videos need initial boost to go viral. Manual work is very time consuming. I know awesome tool to automate this task. 

Tubeassist features:
  • Automated Comment on Video
  • Automated Share Video/Playlist
  • Automated Sub to Channel
  • Multi-Feature Sending
  • Sub Cleanse
  • Analytics Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
All you have to do is add your channel, setup your campaign and relax. Set and forget! This is online tool and you can manage your campaigns from any place in the world. Take a look at video below:

After succesful campaign your channel and videos will be flooded by thousends of visitors. And it means money and popularity.

For more details visit tubeassist official website