środa, 20 lipca 2016

Method for extra income

In this article i will show you simple method to earn additional money on your website. It’s simple re-selling. If your blog is about SEO for example you can offer SEO services to your visitors, for example backlinks.

Register at SEOclerks - this is huge seo marketplace. You can buy here anything related to SEO - content writing, apps coding, backlinks, software, translating to any language, video testimonials, graphic design, social signals and many more.

Now write a post on your blog offering services related to your niche, create paypal’s order button and wait for orders. In this example - backlinks buyers. If somebody orders service on your website, just go to seoclerks, buy cheaper and provide your customer’s details to seocleks seller. Your price for your visitors will be bigger of course. You can make $2-20 profit from one single sale, because SEOclerks is cheaper than other similar services like fiverr, you can find even $1 gigs there.

Other examples of reselling:

  •  Own website about social media - you can offer facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram likes, shares, views.
  •   Own website for music creators - you can offer soundcloud plays
  •   Own website about app coding - offer android app installs, you can find many gigs offering installs on seoclreks for cheap
  •   Own website about graphic design - offer banners, headers, website design

If you have fiverr account you can list many seo related offers for $5 and if someone buys just go to Seoclerks find the same offer cheaper and provide to your customer. Easy money! Just watch me finding cheaper offers:

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